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Snap Jaws - Extension Step Jaws

Extension Jaws are 2 inches longer for increased support. Hardened, precision ground, and available in 10 different step sizes. Expand your vise capacity with extension step jaws.
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4 Inch Series 6 Inch Series 8 Inch Series
Step Size Part Number Part Number Part Number
Standard NO Step 4ESJ-400 6ESJ-600 8ESJ-800
0.100 4ESJ-100 6ESJ-100 ---
1/8 4ESJ-115 6ESJ-115 ---
.150 --- --- 8ESJ-150
3/16 4ESJ-177 6ESJ-177 ---
1/4 4ESJ-240 6ESJ-240 8ESJ-240
5/16 4ESJ-302 6ESJ-302 8ESJ-302
3/8 4ESJ-365 6ESJ-365 8ESJ-365
1/2 4ESJ-490 6ESJ-490 8ESJ-490
5/8 4ESJ-615 6ESJ-615 8ESJ-615
3/4 4ESJ-740 6ESJ-740 8ESJ-740
7/8 4ESJ-865 6ESJ-865 8ESJ-865
1.0 4ESJ-990 6ESJ-990 8ESJ-990
1-1/4 --- 6ESJ-124 8ESJ-124
1-1/2 --- --- 8ESJ-149