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BT 40 Jacobs Taper Holders

  • Kingston & Spin Tru offer better rigidity and T.I.R than standard holders
  • Taper ground to AT3 accuracy
  • Manufactured to ISO9002 quality control standards
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Jacobs Taper C Proj A Dia Brand Part Number Code
JT 1 2.16 0.385 Kingston B40-01JT216-K F
Spin Tru B40-01JT216-KB D
JT 2 1.18 - Kingston B40-02JT118-K F
Spin Tru B40-02JT118-KB D
2.44 0.560 Kingston B40-02JT244-K F
Spin Tru B40-02JT244-KB D
JT 3 1.18 - Kingston B40-03JT118-K F
Spin Tru B40-03JT118-KB D
2.81 0.812 Kingston B40-03JT281-K F
Spin Tru B40-03JT281-KB D
JT 4 1.18 - Kingston B40-04JT118-K F
Spin Tru B40-04JT118-KB D
3.25 1.125 Kingston B40-04JT325-K F
Spin Tru B40-04JT325-KB D
JT 6 1.18 - Kingston B40-06JT118-K F
Spin Tru B40-06JT118-KB D
3.25 0.677 Kingston B40-06JT325-K F
Spin Tru B40-06JT325-KB D
JT 33 1.18 - Kingston B40-33JT118-K F
Spin Tru B40-33JT118-KB D
2.56 0.625 Kingston B40-33JT256-K F
Spin Tru B40-33JT256-KB D