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Threaded Drawnuts

Standard generic threaded drawnuts are available for Strong N200, Samchully HS08 and Kitagawa® B200 Series Chucks. Please note- the thread on your drawnut may be different - YOU MUST MEASURE THE THREADS ON YOUR MACHINES DRAWNUT BEFORE REPLACING. Total Drawnut length is 1". Extended length standard threaded drawnuts are available. Special threaded drawnuts available-please call for a quote.
*Kitagawa is a registered trademark of Kitagawa NorthTech
*Additional Thread Sizes Available In Stock! Please call for more information.
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Chuck Series Standard Threads on Drawnut Part Number Price Each
B205, N205 M40 x 1.5mm K-D2054015N-B $345.00
B206, HS06, N206 M42 x 1.5mm K-D2064215N-B $345.00
M55 x 2.0mm K-D2065520N-B $345.00
B208, HS08, N208 M50 x 2.0mm K-D2085020N-B $345.00
M55 x 2.0mm K-D2085520N-B $345.00
M60 x 2.0mm K-D2086020N-B $345.00
B210, HS10, N210 M55 x 2.0mm K-D2105520N-B $345.00
M60 x 2.0mm K-D2106020N-B $345.00
M75 x 2.0mm K-D2107520N-B $345.00
M85 x 2.0mm K-D2108520N-B $345.00
B212, N212 M75 x 2.0mm K-D2127520N-B $345.00
M85 x 2.0mm K-D2128520N-B $345.00
M88 x 2.0mm K-D2128820N-B $345.00
M100 x 2.0mm K-D21210020N-B $345.00
B15, N215 M100 x 2.0mm K-D21510020N-B $345.00
M130 x 2.0mm K-D21513020N-B $345.00
B18, N218 M130 x 2.0mm K-D21813020N-B $345.00